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Unable To Set 2D Mode Error


Swat 3 sometimes gets confused about what display adapter to use. If you have been using the Last Resort mod for higher resolutions you may get an error when trying to run the game.  This happens because you are running the game at a higher resolution than old SVGA games ran at.  You may get an error about being unable to set the 2D or 3D video (as seen below).

The good news is that you can fix this easily.   What you need to do is re-configure the game to run in 800x600 resolution for both 3D and 2D.  Load up the Last Resort Launcher and change your resolution as seen on the screens below:

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After you have done this run Swat 3 and this time it should run properly using dgVoodoo. In the OPTION screen of Swat 3 you should see that the Video Adapter will now say dgVoodoo.

You can now shut down Swat 3. The next time you run the Last Resort Launcher you can select any resolution that you want and the game will now work with dgVoodoo's wrapper.


If reading is not your thing, DarkSynopsis (from the website TacticalApe) has made a great instructional video of how to get dgVoodoo working with the Last Resort mod (older version shown in tutorial):