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New Officer Skins (Work Flow)

2 years 10 months ago - 2 years 10 months ago #1700 by Copy-Cat

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2 years 10 months ago #1701 by Copy-Cat
Let's start off with the obvious..., get it out of the way NOW!.....The gear that is different within all the models.
Before we talk about brand/make/model, ask yourself these questions, and reply your answers. No need to copy the questions or quote them; just answer them.

Questionnaire #1 - This questionnaire will help in determining polygon allocations. Some questions are obvious, and some change the overall look of the swat team. Some might see it as good and some bad. Explain your position in the matter.

  1. Should all officers be wearing helmets? (Not all the officers are wearing helmets.)
  2. Should there only be 1 style shirt? (please explain)
  3. Should all officers be wearing elbow and knee pads?
  4. If there are no more motorcycle helmets; how will the officers communicate? (please explain)
  5. Colored Visors? (please explain)
  6. balaclava? (please explain)
  7. Gas masks replacements for the motorcycle helmets? (please explain)

Feel free to point out any other differences that will affect the overall look of the team.
Thank you for your answers.

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2 years 9 months ago - 2 years 9 months ago #1709 by Slippery Jim
I will post here my thoughts but I think you already have heard all of them already.

Hopefully more people from the community will slowly trickle in and give their input/opinions. When there aren't frequent updates on this site people fall out of the habit of visiting (I don't blame them!) so it may take a while for replies. Some people can't be bothered to log in but they read the forums etc, lol.

My view of the new models are fairly simple:

* Any new skins should be additive rather than replacements. More choice is better

* IMHO the ideal Swat skins are LAPD from 80s/90s. Classic PASGT helmets and blue uniforms/vests. Not a fan of modern military style.

* I personally have no use for the camo. I am boring and like LAPD blue.

* Of the original Sierra models I used the Assaulter the most but I also liked how the BBE skins had variations of equipment on the officers.

* Name tags on back of uniform is crucial for coop play. Coloured team visors also a bonus.

* Ideally the textures will hold up well when you are stacked up close behind fellow officer.

* A ridiculously high polygon count should be avoided if something can be made to look just as well will slightly lower polygon count and/or just a texture. Unfortunately only completed models in a high polygon map will determine if we have gone too far.

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