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Last Resort problems with Windows 8 & 10:


This page only applies to version 0.7.4 of the Last Resort mod and below.

The Last Resort launcher has some problems running on Windows 8 or 10 machines. It will work properly if the Last_Resort.exe is placed into Windows 7 compatibility mode.

To do this use Windows File Explorer and hover your mouse over the Last_Resort.exe file.   Press the right mouse button and select PROPERTIES.   On the COMPATIBILITY tab tick the box shown below and choose "Windows 7" from the drop down menu.  Hit the OKAY button.


Select properties of Last_Resort.exe and choose Windows 7 compatibility mode



Swat 3 crash in Windows 7/8/10:


If Swat 3 crashes at startup the chances are the problem is caused by Swat 3's movies.   Modern versions of Windows don't support the codec that the movies were originally encoded with.   Read the Swat 3 Startup Crash Fix page for ideas how to fix this.


Swat 3 framerate issues with Windows 8/10:


Windows 8/10 has problems with running old 16 bit colour games like Swat 3. It is also recommended that you read this page of suggested framerate fixes for Swat 3