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My friend can't run SWAT 3.

1 year 9 months ago #2430 by ThermalLance
We tried every solution under the sun. (Everything I could find here and online.) And he still gets that resolution error when trying to start it up.

He is running an Intel HD 3050 as his graphic chipset.

I have a suspicion that he cannot run it because his GPU simply cannot output in 640x480. (At the very least, I did a bunch of research and found no way of enabling it.)

Are we boned?

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1 year 8 months ago #2461 by Slippery Jim
Hey there ThermalLance.

Sorry for not noticing your post earlier and approving it.

What resolution error are you talking about specifically?

I did have a problem with one of my laptops that had an onboard video chip until I enabled "800x600" in the drivers for the laptop. From then on Swat 3 was able to work on it.

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