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New observation about DDERR_GENERIC error

1 year 4 hours ago - 1 year 3 hours ago #2052 by Slippery Jim
New observation about DDERR_GENERIC error was created by Slippery Jim
I am testing the new beta test 3 of the Last Resort mod and made an interesting observation about the infamous "DDERR_GENERIC" error.

I was testing it on a clean Steam version of Swat 3 after verifying all the game files and then installing the new beta.   All the movies in the folder were original and weren't the XVID replacement version.   I can normally play Swat 3 without getting the "DDERR_GENERIC" movie error.   However when I manually went into the Swat 3 folder and ran any of the custom hacked Last Resort game executables such as "Swat_1920x1080.exe" I got the classic "DDERR_GENERIC" error.    When I ran the normal "Swat.exe" there was no error.

Windows 10 must automatically be applying a compatibility mode (or something) to "swat.exe" that plays the troublesome original movies that are encoded in the Indeo Video codec.

As a test I copied over the XVID replacement versions of the movie and the error was gone.

UPDATE:  why does this matter?  With version 0.8.3 (beta 3) of the Last Resort mod I was going to eliminate the dynamic renaming of the game's hacked executables.   In other words with previous version of the mod the Last Resort Launcher would take your desired resolution and rename that corresponding hacked game executable to "swat.exe".

This throws a slight wrench in trying to eliminate dynamic renaming.

UPDATE 2:  Nothing stored in my Windows registry about compatibility settings for Swat 3.    I wonder if it is "shim" that I read about Windows 10 applies to known applications.

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