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Welcome to the home of the Last Resort mod for Swat 3.

This website is set up to help organize the construction of a mod to upgrade Swat 3 as much as possible considering we don't have the source code to the game.   We achieve this by a combination of hacked game executables, replacement textures, and by the use of a custom launcher for Swat 3.

 SVGA graphics was the standard for video games when Swat 3 was released back in 1999 but advances in technology have left Swat 3 looking very dated.   16-bit colour and a screen resolution of only 800x600 were normal back when the game first hit the market.

The Core Mod Goals:

  • Make the 2D menus run in several other resolutions instead of just 800x600
  • Make Swat 3 run the actual 3D part of the game at any chosen resolution
  • Double the draw distance of the game
  • Make the game use textures of a maximum size of 1024x1024 (instead of 256x256 pixels)
  • Make new menu and chat lobby graphics for larger screen resolutions
  • Upgrade low resolution textures in Swat 3 on all maps

Future Wish List:

  • Upgrade low polygon 3D weapon models and character skins
  • 32 bit colour rendering instead of the default 16 bit colour

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Beta 4 out now!

Download, test, and give bug reports     

Last beta update: December 22, 2021   

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Starfield - September 11, 2023

I was chugging out a ton of fancy new HD textures on the mod the last month and started to prepare the files for a new release.   Progress was going well.  Then Starfield was released.

As a huge Fallout fan and Sci-fi fan in general this game is right up my alley.   I can't stop playing it!   Part of me hopes I will get burnt out with the game soon and return to working on the mod.