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Semi Auto Script
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05 July 2021

A script to give semi auto mode in Swat 3.

Personally I have never used this script so my understanding of how it works is limited.


Two important notes:

- This file has been .zipped up so please remember to unzip it before you can use it!

- The file does NOT go into the mod folder.   Place it in your main Swat 3 folder.


From my understanding you place the "Console.con" script into your main Swat 3 folder and then activate it using a command line argument with a shortcut to Swat 3's executable.

The Last Resort Launcher has a section to make using this script easier.  Look for a TAB labelled OTHER SETTINGS.   There is a section called CONSOLE SCRIPTS.   After you have placed the Console.con script into the main Swat 3 folder simply type the name of the script in the Last Resort Launcher and click the check box to activate it.  The next time you run the game it should be activated.


Disclaimer:  As far as I can recall the author of this script is John Palermo.  Feel free to let me know if this is incorrect.


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