Swat3 SCN Editing Tools

SCN File Editing Tools:
These utilities are useful if you wish to hack the compiled maps of Swat 3


SCN Hacking GUI
File Size:
65.04 kB
Slippery Jim
14 November 2010

This application's purpose is to simplify the use of Furrycat's SCN Hacking tool by making a graphic user interface.   This utility will remove most of the typing involved and prevent syntax errors in commands.

Place the "ScnHacking_GUI.exe" in the same folder as SCN Hacking.    You must also place the .SCN files that you want to hack in the same folder.    Run the GUI and be in hacking heaven.

- doesn't connect to the internet
- doesn't read or write to Windows registry and is therefore safe to use
- only reads and writes .SCN and .TXT files into the folder that you place SCN Hacking GUI
- uses Visual Basic 6 so Windows should run it without extra files needed to support it

SCN Hacking
File Size:
111.27 kB
10 November 2012

SCN Hacking is a tool that is used to modify existing Swat 3 .SCN mission files.   With this application you can edit, delete, and add most entities in Swat 3 maps.   You can even strip the light maps and modify colour settings of light entities.


This command line program is not for beginners!   Best used in conjunction with the SCN Hacking GUI tool.

SCN Editor
File Size:
2.22 MB
11 November 2012

A viewer for Swat3 .SCN files.  Besides viewing the geometry of a mission, this utility is useful for swapping out textures or realigning textures.   Very important tool for swapping of low-res textures for high-res used in the Last Resort mod.

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