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Yup, I disappeared for a long time and you haven't seen progress updates in a while.

My deepest apologies that I haven't released a new version of the mod.   I should have taken advantage of all my time off from work during the winter but unfortunately now I am back full time at IRL work.

The good news is that I see the NeuWon network is back online.   For the longest time it was down and I was starting to get discouraged that we would never see it back up.   However the Swat 3 server is non-functioning until the owner of the network works out his CD key authentication.

I work on a Canadian TV show that is syndicated around the world and we just started a new season of filming.   Normally we are given 4 weeks to rig the studio but this season we only had 2 weeks due to complications.   Needless to say things are going to be crazy for a few more weeks until we catch up.   After this time I hope to actually have some energy at the end of the week to actually work on the Last Resort mod.    Right now my weekends are spent crashing.

This mod may look dead, but it isn't.

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