Working on new textures - March 4, 2022

The last few days I have been working on making new textures for MissionA (the one with Martin Brenner).    What is new territory for me is that I am actually using a camera to generate new higher resolution replacement .TGA files.

.TGA files are the kind of textures that have transparent backgrounds and are usually decals that get applied on the floors or walls of the maps.    Specifically in MissionA I am replacing old 64x64 pixel images that appear very blurry in game.   Most of them are objects like newspapers, magazines, clothing, and papers that can be found on the floor or on desks.

I am using a cheaper older version of this light to bounce off the ceiling and my phone's camera to capture the images.   I own a nice Nikon digital SLR but my phone's camera is good enough for the task.   Once the photo is taken I import it into Photoshop on the desktop computer, remove the background manually, and create the final .TGA file.

I noticed that the NeuWon network has been down again for at least a week (I haven't checked in a while so not sure how long it has been down).   While NeuWon is a fantastic idea it has been extremely difficult trying to get support from the owner.  I have been thinking about removing the server tab from the Last Resort launcher due to a concern I have anyways that the server would get flooded with trolls.   If the NeuWon network finally does come back I might reconsider.

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