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Yay me! I put the right year in the title instead of writing 2021 out of habit.

The holidays were a very productive period for me on the mod.   Many new AI textures were generated.   Copy-cat, the resident mad scientist, was working on a hack to create larger load screens but more work still needs to be done on it.

Sadly my wife's computer died during a power outage (looks like the power bar we had sucked as a surge suppressor).   I ordered parts to basically build a new machine (I5 12th generation) for me while she gets the old 4th generation I7.   One thing I neglected to take into account when I bought my motherboard was how difficult it is right now to buy DDR5 memory at a reasonable price.  Woops.   I refuse to buy from a company taking advantage of this pandemic situation.

What this means is during the week she needs the "modding" computer for remote work.  Considering we are single income during the pandemic she has priority access.

The summary of all that is that I get less time to work on the mod until I get a second computer built.

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